Smart Lighting

Take control of your lights with our smart light switches, providing scheduled on/off and motion sensing abilities.


Enjoy a comfortable and inviting home. From smart curtains and blinds to monitoring temperature and humidity.

Smart Security

Keep a watchful eye on your home by remotely managing and monitoring your security cameras from anywhere.

Voice Control

Imagine being able to control your smart home by issuing voice commands. With our system, you can.

Smart Appliance Control

Enjoy the convenience of being able to control your plugged in appliances by smart switches.

Energy Efficiency

Control lighting and heating using motion sensors to save energy and monitor usage, all at the touch of a button.



Designed to be easy to operate, you can control your lights and devices with your mobile or voice commands. Setting scenes is also easy. Imagine having your blinds open and close depending on the time of day or have the lights come on automatically, when you walk into a room. All this and more is possible.




We have a huge range of devices offering solutions for lighting control, doors and windows, environmental monitoring, appliance control, power monitoring and security.

All these devices work off a single control scheme, meaning everything is standardised to work with our central gateway. The end result is a simple to operate and easy to install solution that works throughout your home or office.

We are also here to help. We will offer guidance with your smart home requirements, create a working plan for you and put the technology to work, creating an ultra-modern, bespoke installation designed to suit your lifestyle.


Step inside one of our fully operational smart homes and see for yourself how it all works.
We invite you to take a tour and find out how we can transform your house into your dream smart home.