Residential Solutions


Easy and simple, the Logika Smart Home solution is affordable and easy to install, whether it’s for a new build or for an existing home.

We cover everything from intelligent lighting, curtain/blind control, energy management, security cameras and smart locks.

Ease and simplicity are at the heart of our system. Enjoy the convenience of being able to control your lighting, operate your blinds or remotely monitor your security cameras via your mobile or voice control.

Our system works using a special industrial standards approved networking system. The system works independently in concert with your Wi-Fi network without taking up valuable bandwidth.


Working like a passive guardian, our smart sensors and intelligent software is designed to monitor and assist when required.

You can be assured that occupants are safe at night with our robust outdoor cameras keeping an eye on any uninvited visitors; lights automatically switch on whenever and wherever needed to allow for safer navigating around the house and switch off when not required saving on your power bills. The system also constantly monitors the quality of living conditions (gas, smoke, humidity and temperature) so that if, for any reason, the environment is not what it should be, the occupants and care providers are alerted. If necessary, gas and water supplies are turned off at the mains to reduce the impact of an unfortunate event.

Intelligent software systems can be set up to check for breaks in an occupant’s routine.  For instance, if they have entered the bathroom and not exited after an extended time, an alert can be sent allowing care providers to check up on them. Using smart sockets, we can also keep track of whether appliances, such as kettles, are being used.

Along with a range of safety monitors, our security systems incorporate intelligent door locks that are easy to use without keys that can be programmed to allow access to emergency services.


Turn on your lights automatically when you enter a room or take full control with your mobile device or even your voice, using Amazon Alexa.

By automatically managing your electronic devices like lights and heating when they are needed, you can reduce your energy usage. Moreover, our system can monitor and control all aspects of your home to provide you with comfort and safety.

Transform your home into an intelligent
Smart Home.


Using our mobile app you can remotely control all your devices, from lighting to full control over your scenes that you have setup. For instance, you can activate an ‘Arrival’ scene which turns on the lights and heating before you enter the house so you have a warm, inviting, home waiting for you.

The cameras can also be monitored and controlled remotely, as well as send alerts if there’s any unusual activity, giving you peace of mind when away from home.

The app is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices.


Controlling your devices using your voice couldn’t be easier. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant seamlessly interface to our system, allowing you complete control.

Ask your lounge to go into evening mode and have your curtains close and lights come on.