Our home automation system will make your life more convenient and offer unparalleled comfort, all at a touch of a button.

Imagine walking into a room that has been pre-set to an evening scene. The fire is on and set to a comfortable temperature, music is playing your favourite playlist, the portrait lights are set to a chill mood level, the table lamps are on and the curtains are drawn, all ready for you to sit down and curl up with your favourite book for the evening.

This and other ambience settings are just a fingertip or voice command away.

In fact, they can even be programmed to operate without any intervention. When the system detects you have finished for the evening, it will turn off your appliances, music, lighting and heating for that room automatically.

With our system, your home will match your needs and lifestyle.

Smart Curtain Switch (Glass)
Mobile and Transmitter


Our smart devices can be controlled individually or easily grouped together to set up a preferred scene or ‘mood’.

Your infra-red controlled devices, such as your existing TV or heat pump, can also be made smart with the Logika smart system, letting you forget about the remote. You can then tell them to switch on or off when you want, and even set them to automatically power down when no-one is in the room.

All you need to do is issue a voice command to start your movie theatre, and relax as your curtains close, lighting dims and your media system switches on and cues up your movie, ready to be enjoyed.

All this and more is possible with Logika’s smart home solution.


Increase your level of comfort using our range of smart devices which monitor and control your home environment. These devices are interlinked to give you complete control. All are easy to install and operate. Below is a small selection of the devices that are available.

smart curtain motor

Curtain/Blind Motor

Smart control of your curtains and blinds.

smart thermostat us

Smart Thermostat

Monitor and add smart control to your heating system.

smart ir 360 transmitter

Smart IR Transmitter

Add smart features to existing devices like TVs.

smart humidity and temperature sensor

Temperature/Humidity Sensor

Monitors a rooms temperature and humidity levels.