Energy Saving


Not only is the average household increasing its energy consumption, having an adverse affect on our environment, but the cost of power has also risen considerably in the last decade.

As consumers, we face challenges on reducing our energy consumption in an efficient and sustainable way. Our range of smart devices and monitoring solutions will take the hard work out of this and do the thinking for you.

Imagine forgetting to turn off the lights after you have left home; you can either switch them off remotely, or have your house monitor movement, and if none is detected, turn off the lights after a set period. Similar controls can be acheived for the heating too.


Non-intrusive sensors can be installed throughout your home to monitor movement, temperature/humidity and other environmental factors. Linking these with other smart enabled appliances, like your heating and lighting, allows you to hand over the routine chores to your smart system.

By implementing this simple step, your energy consumption will be reduced considerably as you’ve removed the cost of human error, when you forget to turn the lights off, for instance.

As well as smart control, you can receive real-time usage statistics at device and/or main switch level, keeping you informed of usage.

Our system is completely flexible; you can set the system up to suit your daily usage and schedule in whatever way you need to make your home function more efficiently.


The devices below not only provide smart functionality, as normal, but will also monitor and report energy usage. This will allow you to be better informed and make appropriate adjustments to make your home function more efficiently.

smart wall plug

Smart Wall Plug

Monitors power consumption at device level.

smart humidity and temperature sensor

Temperature Sensor

Monitors room temperature to control heating.

smart embedded switch

Embedded Light Switch

Monitors power consumption of the lighting.

smart circuit breaker

Smart Circuit Breaker

Monitors power consumption at switch level.


Customisable scenes to monitor your home environment
and adjust for comfort and energy efficiency.