Health and Safety


Keeping your family and home safe is always a priority. Our Smart Home devices shine in this area by actively monitoring your environment, alerting you to any potential dangers and, in some cases, taking action to minimise any impact.

For instance, the Smart Leakage Sensor will detect any water leakage from a burst pipe, turning off any water supply if required.

The air quality sensors will monitor various factors to help keep you and your family healthy. They might warn you of unhealthy conditions or trigger actions to purify the air by turning on the ventilation system.

Smart Gas Detector mounted in the kitchen area can check for any gas leaks and turn off the supply if danger levels have been reached.

Systems like this are invaluable for the elderly, monitoring their health and providing peace of mind.


Designed to be non-intrusive and simple to use, our smart system will enhance home safety for the elderly. Sensors to detect movement and electrical appliance use can be used to passively monitor daily routines. If there’s a break in some routine, a notification can be sent to a care provider so they can check up on them with a simple phone call or visit.

You can basically monitor everything, from who’s at the door, to whether or not the oven was left on by accident; smart smoke and gas detectors that monitor for anything untoward and send alerts.

A wearable panic button can also be used in case of emergencies. Pressing the button will alert the caregiver and sound an audible alarm through the Smart Sound Warner alerting anyone within the vacinity.

These smart devices offer complete peace of mind and improves the quality of life for the elderly.


Protect your home and your loved ones around the clock with our range of smart safety devices. These devices will monitor your environment and affect safety measures and alert you to any issues. Below is a small selection of the devices that are available.

smart smoke detector

Smart Smoke Detector

Links to smart system to send alerts and automate safety measures.

smart gas detector

Smart Gas Detector

Automate shutdown of gas supply and send alerts.

smart panic button

Smart Panic Button

Wearable device to send for help at a press of a button.

smart automatic manipulator

Smart Valve Manipulator

Links to alert system to turn off Gas/Water supply.


In case of emergency, our Smart Valves and Manipulators
can automatically shut off your gas or water supply.

Being smart also means you can remotely control or
time the shut off/switch on.