Our range of smart lighting can be controlled not only from the switch, but also via your mobile or simply through voice commands through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Being part of the Logika ecosystem also enables other smart features to be used. Being part of the Logika ecosystem also enables other smart features to be used. For instance, by linking to a Smart PIR Motion Sensor, the lighting can be controlled when a person enters or exits a room.

Through customisable scene management, the lighting can be linked to other devices and controlled at the same time. For instance, at dusk, a scene can be set up to draw the smart curtains and turn on the lights.

Our complete range, which includes dimmable switches, are designed to replace existing traditional switches using the same wiring, making retrofitting to existing households very easy.


At Logika, we firmly believe that access to smart technology should be available to all. Our complete range is designed to smarten up your home using the same wiring, fittings and appliances. This makes retrofitting your existing house surprisingly easy and extremely cost effective, allowing you to maintain your original decor whilst smartening up your home.

Our embedded switches can be installed behind your existing wall switches, providing you with all the smart features that you need – the same level of control via your mobile or voice, group linkage, scene switching and remote monitoring, all hidden behind your existing switches.

These smart adapters can simply slide in between your existing plugs and sockets to give you not just control on when they operate but also feedback on how much power they have been consuming.

Retrofitting your existing home is an easy and affordable way to make your home a Smart Home.


We have a vast array of devices for use in your Smart Lighting System. These devices are interlinked to give you complete control. All are easy to install and operate. Below is a small selection of the devices that are available.

smart dimmer switch

Smart Dimmer Switch

Designed to be fitted in place of an existing traditional switch.

smart embedded switch

Smart Embedded Switch

Installed behind existing traditional switches to provide smart control.

smart pir motion detector

PIR Motion Sensor

Allows for motion sensing operation of lighting and other devices.

smart scene switch

Smart Scene Switch

Activate programmed scenes from this convenient device.