Our security range offers complete peace of mind, by keeping a watchful eye on your home and protecting your family and posessions.

When you are away from home, the cameras can be remotely monitored; motion sensors can detect and alert you of any suspicious activity; at dusk, the curtains can be drawn automatically and lighting turned on to give the illusion that the house is still occupied.

Our cameras have built in motion detection, along with night vision, which will record a video of any person entering your premises. Our range includes external cameras as well as internal non-intrusive cameras.

Access to your home can also be controlled and monitored with our range of smart door locks.


Take complete control of access to your home with our keyless locks, which provide pin code, biometric (fingerprint) and NFC access.

Hi-resolution cameras integrated in our door locks allow you to see who is at the door and provide two-way communication. With the built-in linger detection, you will be alerted to anyone who shouldn’t be there – and will have a few nice snaps of them just in case!

The locks reflect each user’s unique identity which will allow access (even timed access) that can be remotely operated. This means you can provide access to authorised people like cleaners, real estate agents or tradespeople while you are sitting in your office or in your boat.

Access is logged, so you know when your kids have arrived home from school, or how long the cleaners worked.


Protect your home and your loved ones around the clock with our range of security devices. Monitor your security system from anywhere with live alerts and video feeds. Below is a small selection of the devices that are available.

smart cloud camera

Cloud Camera

Remotely monitor and video any movement indoors.

smart retina lock

Retina Door Lock

Features NFC/fingerprint unlocking, remote access and camera.

smart door guardian

Door Guardian

Video enabled door bell, with linger detection.

smart contact sensor

Smart Contact Sensor

Detects opening/closing of doors and windows.


Fingerpint Identification
Night Vision Camera
Scene Activation
IR Motion Sensor

Utilising industry standard
fingerprint biometric solutions

Video and bi-directional audio
communication through mobile app

Single button to enable
Leaving Home scene

Linger Detection to monitor
and report any unusual activity