Workplace Solutions


Our ecosystem forms the backbone of your connected office, streamlining everything from energy usage to security and environmental monitoring. This has a positive impact on business efficiency and productivity.

We cover everything from smart lighting, curtain/blind control, energy management, security cameras and smart locks.

Ease and simplicity are at the heart of our system. Enjoy the convenience of being able to control your lighting, operate your blinds or remotely monitor your security cameras via your mobile.

Our system works using Zigbee. This allows you to control all your devices without taking up valuable bandwidth on your Wifi.


Turn on your lights automatically when you enter an office area and have them turn off automatically when leaving. Enable secure access to the server room with biometric locks which records who’s accessed and at what time.

By automatically managing your electronic devices like lights, heating and media devices when they are needed, you can reduce your energy usage. Moreover, our system can monitor and control all aspects of your workplace, taking out the chores of having to remember to turn things off when not needed.

The connected office has
a positive impact on business efficiency and productivity.


Using our mobile app you can remotely control all your devices, from lighting to full control over your scenes that you have setup and also the smart locks; thus giving approved personnel administrator controls.

For instance, you can provide access to secure areas, like the server room, for support staff outside of working hours, should they require access.

After hours, the cameras can also be monitored and controlled remotely, as well as send alerts if there’s any unusual activity in or around the office.

The app is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices.


Controlling your devices using your voice couldn’t be easier. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant seamlessly interface to our system, allowing you complete control.

Ask your conference room to enable presentation mode and have your blinds close, lights dim and your display turn on and switch to the correct input.

If you prefer not to have any voice assistants in your meeting, the same can be achieved with a Smart Scene Switch.