Together with switching to energy efficient lighting, our range of smart lighting solutions will not only reduce your energy footprint but also promote employee wellbeing and productivity by providing more control over their environment.

For instance, by linking to a Smart PIR Motion Sensor, the lighting can be controlled when a person enters or exits the workspace. This workspace can be split into zones, each being controlled by a separate PIR that will control the lighting in that zone. Employees can be given control over their zones to adjust the lighting levels if so desired.


Scene management can be used to control the lighting levels. During the day, they can be set to dim to appropriate levels given the exterior light levels; meeting room and bathrooms lights can turn off automatically, when no longer occupied.

At the end of the workday, an evening mode scene can be activated, where all the lights will turn off or dim and operate when movement is detected, allowing people working after hours to operate with minimal disruption.

Our complete range, which includes dimmable switches, are designed to replace existing traditional switches using the same wiring, making retrofitting to existing households very easy.


We have a vast array of devices for use in your Smart Lighting System. These devices are interlinked to give you complete control. All are easy to install and operate. Below is a small selection of the devices that are available.

smart dimmer switch

Smart Dimmer Switch

Designed to be fitted in place of an existing traditional switch.

smart embedded switch

Smart Embedded Switch

Installed behind existing traditional switches to provide smart control.

smart pir motion detector

PIR Motion Sensor

Allows for motion sensing operation of lighting and other devices.

smart scene switch

Smart Scene Switch

Activate programmed scenes from this convenient device.