Our security range offers complete peace of mind, by keeping a watchful eye on your office space and protecting your assets.

Internal cameras can be automatically activated at specific times or by Scene Management. These can be remotely monitored; motion sensors can detect and alert you of any suspicious activity.

Exterior night-vision cameras will monitor the office surroundings, reporting any unusual activity to you remotely via smartphone alerts and a recorded video.

There’s also now no need for conventional keys to access the building or secure areas. Our range of smart door locks offer keycode, NFC and biometric (fingerprint) access. The doors can even be operated with your smartphone, so forgetting the key, and even losing an NFC card is no longer a reason to prevent access.


Take complete control of access to your workspace with our keyless locks, which provide pin code, biometric (fingerprint) and NFC access.

Co-workers can be provided with NFC cards for ease of access outside of the working day with biometrics for key authorised personnel.

Access can also be logged, so you can see when your secure server room has been accessed and by whom, for instance.

A cloud-enabled access control system like this not only allows granular access rights to different members of your organisation, but also to perform remote unlocks and set a variety of automated rules.


Complete solution for your office security needs, from cameras with motion detection to smart door locks that monitor access. Control your security system from anywhere with live alerts and video feeds. Below is a small selection of the devices that are available.

smart lookever camera

Interior Camera

Remotely monitor office space out of hours.

smart bern lock

Smart Door Lock

Features pin code/NFC/fingerprint unlocking and remote access.

smart outdoor camera

Exterior Camera

Remotely monitor and video office exterior.

smart contact sensor

Smart Contact Sensor

Detects opening/closing of doors and windows.


Fingerpint Identification
Night Vision Camera
Scene Activation
IR Motion Sensor

Utilising industry standard
fingerprint biometric solutions

Video and bi-directional audio
communication through mobile app

Single button to enable
Leaving Office scene

Linger Detection to monitor
and report any unusual activity